Health & Safety

The Glenview Park District strives to provide safe parks, recreation programs and facilities which balance the need to minimize risk to its participants, protect the park district and yet preserve the fun of the recreation experience. At the same time, all recreational activities carry with them a certain amount of risk. Participants in all park district programs must sign a waiver of liability as part of their program registration and the Glenview Park District assumes no risk or legal liability for injuries associated with a park district program. Please be sure to check your own insurance coverage before registering for any park district program or activity.


In 2016, the Glenview Park District was awarded PDRMA accreditation in risk management. This is PDRMA’s highest award and the park district is excited to have achieved this rating for the first time. We are committed to your safety and will continue to provide a safe environment for our community.

Strike Guard Lightning Detection and Warning System

The STRIKE GUARD lightning detection system is designed to detect lightning from cloud to ground in a local area BEFORE lightning strikes. Its advance warning system allows decisions regarding dangerous situations to be proactive, not reactive. Even though the Strike Guard System helps assess potentially dangerous conditions, neither the signal nor the system is intended to guarantee that conditions are safe. Participants using outdoor facilities should take appropriate shelter when the warning signals are activated. If the weather is threatening but no warning signal is heard or seen, use good judgment and clear the area. Do not wait for the warning signal to activate.

  • Warning Signal to Suspend Activities: One 15-second blast of the horn signals that outside activities should be suspended (if equipped, a strobe light will begin flashing and remain flashing until safe conditions return). You should immediately seek an appropriate safe shelter.
  • Notice that Activities May Resume: Three 5-second blasts of the horn signals that outdoor activities may resume (the strobe light, if equipped, will also stop flashing).

Strike Guard systems are activated each year from March – November during the outdoor athletic season. During that time, the systems are tested on the second Tuesday of every month intermittently throughout the day. The two base stations will cover the following areas.

Zone A: Flick Outdoor Pool, Flick Shelter Building, Community Park West, Crowley Park, Glenview Park Golf Club, The Grove, Apollo School, Westbrook School

ZONE B: Park Center, Gallery Park, Glenview Prairie Club, Roosevelt Outdoor Pool, Swenson Park, Glenview Tennis Club, Johns Park, Willow Park

Automated External Defibrillators (AED)

The Glenview Park District has AEDs at the Glenview Park Golf Club, Glenview Prairie Club, Roosevelt Pool, Flick Pool, Glenview Tennis Club, The Grove,  Redfield Estate, Park Center, Wagner Farm, Glenview Ice Center, Tyner Center, and the park district Administration Building. Park district staff at these locations have been prepared to use AEDs and CPR through a comprehensive training program, including in-service training and re-certification.   An AED allows lay persons to take advantage of sophisticated lifesaving medical technology. These units, when applied to the chest of a cardiac arrest patient, are designed to interpret heart rhythms and if needed, deliver a potentially life-saving electrical shock. This shock can allow a heart to return to its normal heart rhythm even before paramedics arrive on the scene.

Firearm Concealed Carry Act Notice

Concealed Carry sign-web

The Firearms Concealed Carry Act, which became state law in July 2013, requires an Illinois Concealed Carry License in order to carry a concealed firearm in Illinois.

The law forbids carrying a concealed weapon into government buildings, schools and parks. As a requirement of the law, Illinois State Police approved signs indicating the ban will be posted at the entrances of all Glenview Park District parks and facilities as well as village, school and other government facilities. Park district patrons will see these new signs as they enter our facilities and we wanted everyone to be aware of their purpose and the requirement to post them.

Camera & Cell Phone Use Restrictions in Park District Facilities

The Glenview Park District owns, operates, manages and controls numerous buildings and facilities for use of the general public. Within these buildings, there exist certain “Protected Areas” where patrons have a reasonable expectation of privacy. These “Protected Areas” include restrooms, locker rooms, lavatories, bathrooms, shower facilities, and dressing rooms. To safeguard the privacy of patrons in these areas, the Park District has established a policy which prohibits the use of any still or video camera, recording device, cell phone or other device capable of recording, producing, duplicating, reproducing, storing, copying, transmitting or displaying any visual, video, photographic, electronic, digital, recorded , or other visual image, picture, or representation within such “Protected Areas.”