Comprehensive Master Plan

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In November 2016, the Glenview Park District began work on a comprehensive master plan to establish a framework for future decision making. Once the process is completed, Charting Our Future: A 10-Year Plan for the Glenview Park District will serve as our guide to providing the parks, facilities and services that best suit our residents’ needs.

The Comprehensive Master Plan process is divided into five steps: analyze, connect, envision, prioritize, and implement. The first four steps have been completed and the Park District and planning teams are proceeding with the implement phase per the below timeline.

Community Input and Research Included:

  • 4,000+ households received a mailed community survey, 448 responses received
  • 2 community open houses held for park district residents to participate in person and share their ideas on January 11 and February 8
  • 36 stakeholder interviews were conducted in 6 groups with representatives from affiliate organizations, citizen support groups and community agencies
  • 897 views were reported on our online engagement portal, with 107 connections and 88 completed surveys, 20 poll responses and almost 40 comments
  • 43 parks, natural areas, special use facilities were inventoried and compared with metrics from state and national benchmarks
  • 10 years of projected growth in our demographics has been compiled to help us make informed decisions as we chart our future

Preliminary Findings

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Sample Finding Page

A preliminary report of community feedback input and research findings was presented to the board of commissioners and park district staff in April 2017. Resident feedback shows the Glenview Park District is a source of strong community pride. Park districts throughout the state are seen positively by 76 percent of users, while 93 percent of Glenview residents expressed a favorable opinion for the park district.

Preliminary findings revealed opportunities for improvement stemming from the District’s current and projected demographics, aging facilities, growing trends, gaps in level of service, and community feedback. These opportunities were further evaluated to define the park district’s needs and develop strategies to address those needs. The planning team will continue to refine and edit the strategies throughout the Implement Phase.  A preliminary list can be viewed here.

These strategies will be organized into a 10-year action plan that details out each strategy year by year. As the action plan and the comprehensive master plan are developed, a draft will be made available online for public review and comment.

The following links are the Inventory and Analysis Phase and Connect Phase results that were presented to the Glenview Park District.

Inventory and Analysis Phase Results

Connect Phase Results


The following maps are from the Inventory and Analysis Phase. Additional maps and park district data can be found in the above Inventory and Analysis Phase Results.

02-Inventory Map

Glenview Park District Inventory Map

09-Overall Service Area-Schools

Glenview Park District Overall Level of Service Map