New vendors interested in applying for space at the market should contact the market manager, Roxanne Jungé at or call 847-962-4073.

Please note:

  • “Full-Time Vendors” committed to at least 14 of the 16 market days.
  • “Part Time Vendors” are not at the market every week. The schedule page lists the market days they committed to at the beginning of the season.
  • There are many changes to the schedule during the season. To be updated on these changes, sign up for our weekly email newsletter

Learn more about our vendors by visiting their website or Facebook page (if applicable).

Berry's Berries_sq

Barry’s Berries – Covert, MI
Full-Time Vendor

The Baser family has been farming in Covert, Michigan for 40 years. Their specialty crops include strawberries, blueberries, peaches, and apples, as well as a variety of vegetables. Sustainable practices include crop rotation, spring-fed irrigation only, and pursuing sustainability education.

Bonnie's Crafts_sq

Bonnie’s Crafts and Collectibles – Glenview, IL
Full-Time Vendor

Bonnie, a Glenview resident since 1970, loves to recycle, find bargains, make old things new again, garden and more. At her booth, you will find her hand-made tote bags, doll blankets, purses, decorated trees, clothespin dolls, oil paintings, old and new collectibles, and plants from her perennial garden.


Breadman Baking Company – Naperville, IL
Full-Time Vendor

Frank Damiano learned to bake from his father, who owned a bakery in central New York.  In 2008 Frank started his own business – Breadman Baking Company – and naturally, he focuses on handcrafted specialty breads and baked sweets made with fresh, healthy, all-natural ingredients, using no preservatives, artificial flavors or coloring.

Cave Chick_sq

NEW! Cave Chick – Glenview, IL
 Part Time Vendor – See schedule page

The recipes for CaveChick cookies were created by a mom who wanted her kids to enjoy a healthy cookie.These premium cookies are made with Organic Whole Grain Spelt, Ground Flax and Maple Sweetened. Dairy and Egg Free. Great for snacking any time of day. Not as sweet as other cookies and Non-GMO Project Verified too!

Cherie's Greener World_sq

NEW! Cherie’s Greener World – Grayslake, IL
Full-Time Vendor 

Cherie’s Greener World organic microgreens are nutrient-dense super-food. Used by the handful in smoothies, salads and sandwiches. Microgreens are the shoots of salad vegetables, sold to you just after the first leaves have developed, ready to cut and eat whenever you need them.

Cocina Azteca_sq

NEW! Cocina Azteca – Evanston, IL
Part Time Vendor – See schedule page

Inez Torres’ new business, Cocina Azteca, brings fresh Mexican-style tamales to the market, hot, and wrapped in corn husks, as well as tacos and a few other surprises.  He uses many fresh, local ingredients to make his creations – some savory, some sweet, some with meat and some vegetarian.

The Eating Well_sq

The Eating Well – Hillside, IL
Part Time Vendor – See schedule page

The Eating Well is an organic specialty food company. At its core is Daniel Sikorski, a gourmet chef, whose motto is, “Say NO to food on drugs.” His creations, made mostly with local, organic ingredients, range from sweets to soups to veggie burgers to granola bars to gluten free, and made-to-order wraps.

Endless Greens_sq

NEW! Endless Greens – Evanston, IL
Full-Time Vendor

Endless Greens is an Evanston urban farm. Gareth Proctor’s mission is to grow organic produce in the most environmentally-friendly manner, and teach others to do it as well. Endless Greens offers a variety of vegetables at their booth, along with garden consulting, design, and installation.

Finn's Ranch_sq

NEW!  Finn’s Ranch – Buchanan, MI
Full-Time Vendor

Sean Finn and his family go to great lengths to ensure that their animals are fed a natural diet. The cows are 100% grass fed. The chickens and turkeys both for eggs and meat, as well as the pigs, are fed non-GMO feed as well as having full access to pastures. They hope to be USDA Certified Organic by mid-summer (2016).

First Orchards_sq

First Orchards – Dowagiac, MI
Full-Time Vendor

The First family started farming land in Michigan in the late 1800s. Harold and Karen First, along with members of the next two generations, are now farming the family’s 700 acres. The First stand offers a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, cider and flowers as well as eggs from free-range chickens. Look for some uncommon heirloom varieties.

The Flower Garden_sq

The Flower Garden – St. Anne, IL
Full-Time Vendor

Look for a gorgeous array of common and unusual fresh-cut flowers. At The Flower Garden, Bob and Louise Soucie are trying to accomplish a system of farming that is biologically sound; one that works with natural laws and environmental practices. Look for the addition of a select variety of fresh vegetables!

Geneva Lake_sq

Geneva Lakes Produce – Burlington, WI
Full-Time Vendor 

As good stewards of the land, the Koster family – Scott and Jackie, and their children, Jordan, Corban, Abbie, Maggie and Priscilla – invest in the soil and protect the land to keep it healthy.  They also carry a variety of mushrooms and canned products from their Wisconsin neighbors at River Valley Ranch.

La Spiceria_sq

La Spiceria – Palatine, IL
Part Time Vendor – See schedule page

Pierre Jabeneau will bring you gourmet spices, herbs, seasonings, salsa and grains, some of which are certified organic. He offers a variety of unique blends not available from other suppliers, which can be used as dry rubs and marinades. Products can also be ordered online.

Northshore Pet Chef_sq

Northshore Pet Chef – Highland Park, IL
Full-Time Vendor

Owner Rob Freeman brings his all-natural dog and cat food, treats, etc., to the market. The ingredients are carefully chosen for their nutritional density, content and digestibility, using only natural Vitamin E as a preservative. Freshly made with no fillers, dyes, soy products or artificial colors.

Patz Maple and Honey_sq

 Patz Maple and Honey Farms – Pound, WI
Part Time Vendor – See schedule page

Clifford & Nancy Patz plant their own land and tend to numerous hives in order to offer 14 varieties of raw honey, honey comb, apitherapy honey, bee bread, beeswax candles and more. In addition, the Patz family taps their sugar maple trees to produce dark and flavorful Grade “B” maple syrup, maple cream, maple sugar candies and more.

R&B Miller Farm_sq

R&B Miller Farms – Coloma, MI
Full Time Vendor

Roger and his wife, Barbara (the “B” of “R & B”) continue a proud tradition of fruit farming. His specialties are peaches, cherries and apples. Roger also collaborates with Krohne Farms, DeGrandchamp Farms and Dave Radtke to bring you a variety of delicious Southwest Michigan fruits, jams, jellies and honey.

Sharpening by Dave_sq

Sharpening By Dave – Cary, IL
Part Time Vendor – See schedule page

Amanda or Dave Nells will sharpen your kitchen knives, scissors, gardening tools and lawn mower blades. They will also provide watch services: new batteries, watchbands, adjustments, pins and links.

sheekar delight_sq

Sheekar Delights – Glenview, IL
Part Time Vendor – See schedule page

Diane Khouri Joseph uses a traditional family recipe, using home-made syrup, hand-buttered phyllo sheets that are rolled with freshly chopped nuts, and NO artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

sitka salmon_sq

NEW! Sitka Salmon Shares – Sitka, Alaska
Full-Time Vendor

Sitka Salmon Shares brings responsible and sustainable wild Alaskan seafood from their small-fleet fishermen-owners directly to farmers’ markets or sign up to have shares delivered to your door.

sweet memories_sm wonders_sq

Sweet Memories & My Small Wonders – Lake Zurich, IL
Full-Time Vendor

Gabriella Szmola and Donna Koranek collaborate to create both sweet and savory crepes, gluten free baked goods, goat milk soaps and wool products.

swirl cafe_sq

Swirl Cafe – Grayslake, IL
Full-Time Vendor

Come for breakfast! Betsie Brown’s Swirl Mobile Café offers egg sandwiches, a variety of baked treats and fresh roasted coffee beverages to enjoy at the market, or to purchase for home brewing. They also offer unique iced tea and freshly made fruit and vegetable smoothies, made with farmers market ingredients.

white star_sq

White Star Gourmet – Morton Grove, IL
Full-Time Vendor

Paul started as a caterer and his clients just kept requesting to purchase his products! Paul’s products include pasta sauce, soups, finishing sauces for meat seasonal items such as fresh guacamole and more. He also collaborates with many local cheese-makers to bring exquisite artisan cheeses to our market.

Windy City Pie Co_sq

Windy City Pie Company – Wilmette, IL
Full-Time Vendor

Sara Montmorency makes artisanal savory and fruit pies, using all natural, primarily local, ingredients. She stuffs her savory pies with fully-cooked meat and vegetables, making them hearty, whole meals, ready to pop in the oven.

Zeldenrust Farm_sq

Zeldenrust Farm – Chicago Heights, IL
Full-Time Vendor

Zeldenrust offers a wide variety of vegetables, fruit and flowering plants from Zeldenrust’s own 65-acre farm in Chicago Heights, and from nearby farms listed on the placard at their booth.