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Wagner Farm School Programs

To learn about how Wagner Farm can bring its programs to your school, see bottom of this page.

Living History

Step back in time with your students to a slice of rural American history…one they will never forget…with a trip to Wagner Farm, one of the last working dairy farms in the area. In the 1920s, there were well over 5,200 working farms in Cook Country. Today, there are only a handful. With so few Americans farming, their profound impact on the country and the world is amazing. We enjoy the rural output in the foods that our families consume and in the products that power our cars and that clothe our bodies. A visit to Wagner Farm is not a trip to a petting zoo. It is an opportunity to see and participate in the daily activities of a real working farm. Our active teaching methods and hands-on activities encourage students to discover the connections between producer and consumer and the past to the present. Field trips are available for ages preschool through grade 8 and meet Illinois State standards. Read through the descriptions below and select an unforgettable learning experience for your class.

Take a look at what a field trip to Wagner Farm can offer your students

Friends of Wagner Farm logo-web-colorized-2 Field Trip Grant Program

The Friends of Wagner Farm is offering a very generous grant to provide funding for low income school groups, grades preschool-12 to experience Wagner Farm programming. This 501(c)(3) organization supports the Farm’s mission to provide visitors with memorable educational experiences about agriculture and its history. We are currently accepting applications for the 2015-16 school year..  Click here to download the application.

How to Book a Field Trip

To book a program, call the farm at (847) 657-1506. Please leave the following information:

  1. Teacher and School name
  2. Daytime telephone and fax number
  3. Program interest
  4. Date requested
  5. Group size and grade level


Whenever School District 34 cancels school because of inclement weather the farm will also be closed. Teachers will not be notified personally that the program was cancelled however teachers may call (847) 657-1506 to reschedule the trip based on availability. We would appreciate at least a 48-hour notice should the school need to cancel the program.

Fees & Payment

The fee structure for programs at Wagner Farm vary according to the program selected and are set in relation to the boundaries of the Glenview Park District. School Districts within Glenview Park District boundaries will be charged a lower per person fee than School Districts outside Glenview Park District boundaries. Three adults will be allowed to attend for free with each class. Additional adults will be charged the program fee amount. All program fees are subject to change without notice. Please call the Wagner Farm office to verify the fee. Discipline will be the responsibility of the teacher and chaperones, and the staff reserves the right to conclude a program at any time if necessary. Payment of fee must be made at time of arrival on farm. Forms of payment accepted are cash or check made payable to Wagner Farm.

How to dress

Please have students properly dressed for possible inclement weather. Because many of the activities are outdoors and associated with dirt and livestock it is strongly suggested to wear suitable clothing and closed toe shoes. If there is the possibility of poor weather, trash bags make inexpensive ponchos for the students.

Museum Store

Please allow extra time to stop by our museum store to pick up a nostalgic souvenir of your visit. To download a brochure with detailed information on these programs, as well as school programs at The Grove National Historic Landmark and Kent Fuller Air Station Prairie, click here.

Programs by Grade Level

Moo-ving about the Farm!: Pre-school – 1st Grade

Look, listen, and discover what makes up Wagner Farm. Meet and interact with our animals and take part in various hands-on activities such as grinding corn to feed our chickens and pumping water for the cows. End your visit with a chance to make and sample some homemade butter. This introductory program teaches children about a 1920′s farm, and helps them to recognize and make connections between farm production and the items we use in today’s world.Program length: 90 minutes Maximum: 50 / Minimum: 15 Fee: In district students $5.50 Fee: Out of district students $5.75 Seasons offered: Fall, Spring, Summer Click here to download Pre- and Post-Visit Activities for Moo-ving about the Farm.

From Farm to Table: 1st - 6th Grade

Where does the food on your dinner table come from? Did people a long time ago get food the same way we do today? This program introduces students to Glenview’s food producers and merchants in the 1930′s. Children will meet a dairy farmer and a local grocer and learn the difference between goods and services, as well as how items were produced and bought. Students will work together to figure out how to acquire the goods they need in order to get supper on the table. Program length: 90 minutes Maximum: 50 / Minimum: 15 Fee: In district students $5.50 Fee: Out of district students $5.75 Seasons offered: Year round

Milking Cows and Pulling Plows: 2nd – 6th Grade

Get your chore boots out and your work gloves on, it’s time to learn how to be a farmer! Two sections of this class are offered. Section One: This section allows students to get up close and personal with our livestock. It teaches the proper feeding, grooming and choring activities that contribute to each animal’s care. Students will take part in a range of activities such as milking cows, gathering eggs, or grooming and harnessing our draft horses. Seasons offered: Fall, Spring Click here to download Pre- and Post-Visit Activities for Milking Cows and Pulling Plows, Section One.Section Two: This section highlights the farm’s many crops and vegetation. Activities include planting, working a historic plow, and using real crops to make products that are used in today’s world. Students will better understand crops and vegetation and learn why farms are so important to the local and global communities. Seasons offered: Fall Click hereto download Pre- and Post-Visit Activities for Milking Cows and Pulling Plows, Section Two. Book each Section independently. Program length: Each Section is 2 hours in length Maximum: 40 / Minimum: 15 Fee: In district students $5.50 Fee: Out of district students $5.75

Past-Port to the 20′s : 4th – 8th Grade

Here is a truly unique immersion experience for students. Step off the bus and back into the 1920′s. Students will be enlisted to do the kinds of chores they would have been asked to do as a member of a farm family long ago. Chores include milking a cow, doing laundry, buying food at the local grocery store, and helping prepare and eat the big noon meal. Includes lunch at the farm. Program length: 3 hours Maximum: 30 / Minimum: 15 Fee: In district students $10.00 Fee: Out of district students $11.00 Seasons offered: Fall, Spring Click here to download Pre- and Post-Visit Activities for Past-Port to the 20′s.

History Hits the Road

With budget constraints and rising transportation costs, the cost of a field trip may be prohibitive for many schools. Let Wagner Farm bring the farm experience to you! Our History Hits the Road program can come to your school and give your students the opportunity to participate in hands-on activities that teach them about farming techniques, seasonal crops and transportation. Programs can be tailored to specific grades, age groups or curricula. To learn more about History Hits the Road, click here.