Group Fitness Classes

Take Your Workout Further with Group Fitness Classes

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Group Fitness classes can be an important part of your fitness regimen.   At Park Center Health and Fitness you have over 120 classes to choose from every week, from high energy Zumba and spin classes to low impact aerobics and yoga.  Classes are offered seven days a week throughout the day so you’re sure to find a time and class that fits your schedule. You can chose from two types of Group Fitness Classes:  Passport Classes and Specialty Classes.

Group Fitness Passport Classes

Want to try a new class without making a long-term commitment?   Then a Group Fitness Passport is for you!

Get motivated, have fun, and reach your fitness goals with the wide variety of Group Fitness Classes offered at Park Center Health and Fitness. Whether you are new or a long-time Group Fitness participant, there’s something for everyone!

Group Fitness Passport Class Fees
Group Fitness Passport Classes are open to both Park Center Health & Fitness members and non-members ages 14 years and older. Passports are available in denominations of 1, 5, 10 or 20. Both Park Center Health & Fitness members and resident senior citizens receive a discount on the Fitness Passport.

Group Fitness Passport Class Fees

PCHF Member Resident Nonresident Senior (resident)
1 Class Passport $10 $12 $15 $10
5 Class Passport $43 ($8.60/class) $51 ($10.20/class) $64 ($12.80/class) $41 ($8.20/class)
10 Class Passport $80 ($8/class) $98 ($9.80/class) $122 ($12.20/class) $77 ($7.70/class)
20 Class Passport $149 ($7.45/class) $187 ($9.35/class) $232 ($11.60/class) $144 ($7.20/class)
Unlimited Class Pass N/A $65
30 consecutive days
30 consecutive days
30 consecutive days

Group Fitness Passports may be purchased at the Park Center Health & Fitness Desk. Take unlimited Passport Group Fitness classes for the duration of your annual membership by adding a Platinum Package Upgrade.  For more information on the Platinum Package Upgrade, go to Fees & Memberships. Private Pilates Reformer Training available by appointment.  Call 224-521-2596 for more information or to make an appointment.

NEW! If you want to take an unlimited number of classes without being a Fitness Member, we now offer a monthly or yearly “Unlimited Group Fitness Class Pass” **the unlimited class pass does not include the fitness center, locker rooms or pool usage.

Specialty Classes

Park Center Health & Fitness also offers a number of specialty fitness classes, which may utilize specialized equipment, are taught by instructors with specialized certifications and feature a limited class size. Enrollment in Specialty Classes requires pre-registration and an additional fee. For a list of specialty classes offered during the current session, click here.