Group & Scout Programs

Historic Wagner Farm Group Programs

For All Ages from Preschool to Senior

A visit to Historic Wagner Farm is a special experience for all types of groups including preschools, camps, adult day care and scout groups. We have a variery of available options ranging from tours of the facility to hands-on programs.

To arrange a visit for your group, call 847-657-1506.

Take a look at what a trip to Historic Wagner Farm can offer your group

Programs for Scout Groups:

The Poultry Business

 During the 1920s, children were the primary caretakers of the many chickens that roamed the barnyard. Not only caretakers, they also sold eggs, feathers and meat for money. This program takes scouts back in time to try their hands at raising chickens and creating a successful poultry business. Activities include collecting eggs, working with chickens and learning how to raise a healthy and fruitful fowl flock.

All Tied Up

Farmers used ropes and knots daily to help with a variety of chores. Scouts will make their own piece of rope using twine, an old-fashioned rope making machine and a lot of manpower. They will also learn important knots used by farmers and end their visit with chores in the barn.

Horsin’ Around

Come and meet Sue and Bob, our draft horse team. This program will educate boys and girls about proper horsemanship, draft horse breeds, and how farmers used these animals. Activities include grooming, harnessing and proper handling techniques.

Milking Madness

Get your pails ready because it ‘s time for milking. Participants will meet the farm’s cows and try their hands at hand and machine milking. They will learn the difference between different breeds of dairy cows and how milk goes from the milk pail to your kitchen table.