Voters Approved Downsized Park District Bond Measure on March 20, 2018

Preliminary Project Timelines

The Grove Entrance Safety Improvements:

  • Completed Summer 2018 – Finalized Project Plan
  • Fall 2018 – Permit Coordination
  • Winter 2019 – Publicly Bid the Project
  • Spring 2019 – Construct the Project

The Grove Interpretive Center Renovation:

  • Completed August 2018 – Architect, Exhibit Designer and Engineer Selection
  • Completed August 2018 – Owner’s Representative Selection
  • Completed Fall 2018 – Construction Manager Selection
  • Fall 2018 – Finalizing Project Plan
  • Winter 2019 – Publicly Bid the Project
  • Summer 2019 – Construct the Project

Glenview Community Ice Center Renovation:

  • Completed May 2018 – Architect, Exhibit Designer and Engineer Selection
  • Completed May 2018 – Owner’s Representative Selection
  • Completed May 2018 – Construction Manager Selection
  • Winter 2018/2019 – Publicly Bid the Project
  • Spring 2019 – Construct the Project
  • Fall 2020 – Facility Grand Opening

Open Space Fund:

  • March 2018 – The referendum provided $1 million to be used for investing in open space for the District.
  • October 2018 – The District completed a Land and Water Conservation Fund grant application which seeks to leverage resources available in the Open Space Fund.

This flythrough animation from Williams Architects, as of October 2018, includes an updated increase of 2400 square feet to the overall size of the building. The animation shows energy-efficient translucent windows. The video gives you a 360 view of the exterior, and then brings you inside the first and second floors, showcasing additions in square footage to the lobby and main corridor for better flow of foot traffic. The final view is the studio rink from the second floor.

A 29-member Citizen Task Force was made up of Glenview community leaders and business leaders… each one residing in Glenview between two and 42 years. Task force members agreed to attend four meetings over several months, and go over a lot of heavy reading material to understand the full scope of the projects being considered. The process was run by a third-party and the first meeting was held August 22, 2017.

Members were tasked with presenting a recommendation to the park district board of commissioners. This recommendation included whether or not we should go to referendum for the proposed projects, which projects should be included, and how much we should ask for. The third party conducted community wide research while the park district provided informational meetings and collected feedback

Ultimately, the task force reduced the original bond proposal from $24 million to $17 million, enabling the park district to move forward with much-needed renovations at the 44-year old ice center, but without the bells and whistles many taxpayers thought unnecessary. Among the items cut was an outdoor bathroom at Sleepy Hollow Park. Because community feedback showed a real desire for this, the task force asked the District to find funding elsewhere, and the District did. The outdoor bathroom was constructed and opened October 2018 with funds from other sources.

Click here for Sleepy Hollow press release.

The tax impact for a home valued at $500,000 is estimated at $35.69 per year. The referendum was placed on the March 20, 2018 ballot and Glenview Park District residents overwhelmingly voted yes. The bond will pay for improvements to The Grove, Ice Center renovation, and create a $1 million fund
for open space purchases.

For more about the public process, click here.

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Update – October 26, 2018

Williams Architects is exploring energy-efficient opportunities for the design of the Glenview Community Ice Center. Among those being looked at: natural daylighting through the strategic placement of windows, energy-efficient mechanical and lighting systems, and heat recovery which captures sources of heat in the building and shares them elsewhere in the building.

The updated design renderings show an increase of 2400 GSF to the overall size of the building. The majority of this increase comes from the inclusion of a full-service restaurant which will serve food, beer and wine. Preliminary designs included a total of 700 GSF for concessions and a grab and go café on the first floor. Updated designs have a total of 2100 GSF which includes a second floor restaurant, first floor grab and go, and food prep/storage. Additions in square footage have also been made to the lobby and main corridor for better flow of foot traffic, and to the multi-purpose room.

The permitting process with the village has not yet been completed, so all plans are subject to change.

Update – September 20, 2018

1. The Grove – Interpretive Center
We are in the early planning stages with the architect and exhibit designer.

2. The Grove – Front entrance
We are presently working to share information about The Grove project with the village’s various departments including Building and Zoning, Engineering, Health and Fire which will ultimately review the plans and share any feedback for the permitting process.

3. The Ice Center –Schematic floor plans are continuing to be refined. After reviewing options for the ProShop, the board of commissioners has decided to move forward on incorporating a 1,000 square foot, full service ProShop which is larger compared with the present-day 700 square foot ProShop.

Update – August 24, 2018

The Park District board last night took steps in the referendum-approved improvements to The Grove.

  1. Architectural firm Wight & Company has been approved to assist in planning for safety enhancements and improvements at The Grove Interpretive Center. The project will include creating new exhibits, renovating the HVAC system, and adding a fire alarm and suppression system. The contract for these services was approved at $257,000.
  2. The AT Group of Park Ridge has been approved for program management/owners representative services for The Grove Interpretive Center improvements project. We have a long-standing history with AT Group in performing the role of representation, negotiation, management and administrative services during design, construction and post-construction phases. The AT Group has assisted the Glenview Park District with prior projects including the building of Park Center, Park & Facility Services East and the Administration Building.  The contract for these services was approved at $30,000.
Update – July 27, 2018

As this planning and preparing phase of the Glenview Community Ice Center renovation project continues, we are currently: 

  • Working with our architects, construction manager and staff to refine preliminary timelines and designs
  • Preparing documents and submitting applications to the village.
  • We are also in the early stages of working with William Architects on the schematic design.
  • We anticipate the project being bid early 2019 and we hope to break ground in the late Spring of 2019.
Update – May 25, 2018

This first phase of the Glenview Community Ice Center renovation project is all about planning and preparing. With the referendum approved this spring, we are focusing our present efforts on drafting internal timelines. This includes looking at and working with our design engineers, construction manager and staff. An important next step is to secure construction project permits with the village and we are preparing those permit requests. We are also in the very preliminary stages of working with the architect on the schematic design of the projects.

Update – May 4, 2018

Under Committees Reports & Recommendations of Special Revenue Facilities, the Glenview Park Board of Commissioners approved agreements with W.B. Olson Inc. of Northbrook, Williams Architects of Itasca and the AT Group Inc. of Park Ridge. These three firms will assist the park district in the Glenview Community Ice Center renovation project as follows, but please note that bids will still be distributed for the construction projects themselves:

W.B. Olson Inc. will provide Construction Manager At-Risk services for the project, which covers the preconstruction phase, setting and submission of the Guaranteed Maximum Price Proposal and Construction phase for the renovation of the Glenview Community Ice Center. The role of the Construction Manager is to evaluate the project, provide cost estimates and then guarantee it won’t exceed that amount, even if that means the C.M. will take a loss. The C.M. also will oversee the construction and deal directly with contractors.

Williams Architects will provide architectural design of the renovated Glenview Community Ice Center. Williams drew up the floor plans for both the first floor and second floors of the proposed renovation presented on our website. The estimated cost in the preliminary proposal was $2,196,105.

AT Group Inc. is to serve as Owner’s Representative. The Glenview Park District has a long-standing history with AT Group in performing this role for various projects, including the building of Park Center, Community Park West and the Administration Building. AT Group will provide representation, negotiation, management and administrative services during the design, construction, and post-construction phases of the Glenview Community Ice Center renovation project. The design phase services will consist of 14 services: orientation & analysis, project organization, budget development, schedule development, team assembly, general admin, consultant admin, cost & progress reporting, value engineering, permit coordination, utility coordination, bidding/subcontractor admin, bidding/proposal admin and contract negotiation.

The park district does not have any firm dates for construction-related plans at this time.

Update – March 21, 2018

Glenview Park District voters approved a $17 million bond measure Tuesday that will fund improvements to Glenview’s historic landmark The Grove, the renovation of the 44-year-old Glenview Ice Center, and purchase of open space for park purposes.

The park district would like to thank the thousands of district residents who participated in our community opinion survey and outreach meetings, especially the Citizen Task Force members who volunteered their time over several months to define a proposal that taxpayers would support.

“We are grateful to our taxpayers for their support of this important funding measure. The end result will be recreation facilities that are safer and more secure, energy efficient, more accessible for persons with disabilities, and positioned to better meet the needs of our district residents for generations to come,” said Glenview Park District Executive Director, Mike McCarty.

As the park district moves forward with construction, all spending from the voter-approved bond issue will be publicly disclosed on the district’s website.

The Glenview Park District placed a $17 million referendum on the March 20, 2018 ballot to address improvements to The Grove, renovate the 44-year-old Glenview Ice Center, and create an open space fund. The following are additional project details:

Improvements to The Grove

Safety & Security Upgrades:
  • Addition of right turn lane at Milwaukee Avenue entrance
  • Widening the entrance and driveway
  • New security gate and lighting
  • Resurfacing parking lot
Renovation of the Interpretive Center:
  • Replace outdated HVAC, alarm and filtration systems
  • Improve accessibility for persons with disabilities
  • Update exhibit space

Ice Center Renovation

  • Replace outdated electrical, plumbing, sewer lines and HVAC system
  • Improve accessibility for persons with disabilities
  • Update fire suppression system
  • Improve building envelope to address leaking and energy inefficiencies
  • Add new sheet of ice
  • Address other space and parking needs

Open Space

  • Create $1 million fund to leverage available grants and purchase open space in strategic locations