About Camp REC

Camp REC is the exciting offering by the Glenview Park District and our partner, Wesley Child Care, for children K-8. The program offers convenient, self-directed E-Learning opportunities at various locations throughout Glenview, while complimenting the hybrid learning approach. This program is flexible and can accommodate any “Adaptive Phase” that the schools need to implement. Camp REC provides participants with Recreation, Enrichment and a sense of Community. Children are assigned to pods of 15 participants or less in a format that meets all health and safety guidelines for Phase 4 of the Restore Illinois plan.  Our Camp Rec program is for Glenview Park District residents and Glenview School District Employee’s only.

Camp Rec Session 2 

Camp REC Session 2 is underway and ends on November 24.  Session 2 provides two camp options, school day hours or school day plus extended before/after care hours. 

Spots are still available. If you’re interested in signing up, send an email with your child’s name, age and school to registration@glenviewparks.org.

Camp Rec Session 3

Camp REC Session 3 will provide a school day camp option along with an option to add after care hours until 6 p.m. Session 3 runs for the entire Glenview School District’s second trimester, beginning November 30 and ending March 5NEW! We have collaborated with Glenview School District 34 to align District 34 bus service with Camp REC pod locations.  See below for more details.  

Our program benefits families looking to schedule programming 5 days a week that alternates between in-person hybrid learning and asynchronous E-Learning. Camp REC pods will continue to offer campers recreational activities including indoor/outdoor games, arts and crafts, and fun age appropriate activities. Camp REC leaders coordinate the day’s activities around the campers E-Learning schedules.

The number of spaces available for the program is very limited, based on space and staffing needs, so act fast to register. Reminder, this program is for Glenview Park District residents and Glenview School District Employee’s only.

Session 3 Pricing:

Grades K-5: $298/week
Grades 6-8: $227/week for the three day program
For additional aftercare until 6 p.m.: $108/week 

What to Expect

Camp REC pods will take place at various locations in Glenview including park district facilities and fieldhouses. Pods and locations have been expanded to better cover Glenview geography, and are placed in school bussing routes to make transportation arrangements more convenient. Assignments to the pods will be based on what school your child attends. Pods will potentially have children of mixed grade levels at the same site. We will not accommodate pod placement or location requests.

What’s New in Session 3

Many school districts are now adapting to blended or hybrid learning plans. Session 2 of Camp REC is designed to help meet the hybrid schedules of children who are enrolled in Glenview School District 34. Session 3 will also ensure our Camp Rec families that if Glenview School District 34 decides to implement an “Adaptive Phase”, campers can come to our pods and continue their education uninterrupted. Due to the complexity of each school district’s approach, we are not able to accommodate other school district schedules at this time. However, if your student is enrolled in GOAL or remote-only learning with another school district, we are able to accommodate your child’s learning schedule in this program. 

Transportation Between School and Camp REC

The Park District and Glenview School District 34 have collaborated to align District 34 bus service with Camp REC pod locations. Parents will be responsible for morning drop off and evening pickup, but transportation will be provided to and from your child’s school and Camp REC pod throughout the day based on their school schedule. Parents will receive information about routes and stops for their child. If you have questions, please contact the District 34 transportation department

Session 3 Options, Schedules and Registration Information

Session 3 runs the entire Glenview School District second trimester with the starting date of the program being November 30 and ending March 5. Camp REC is a program that runs 7:30 a.m. until 3:45 p.m, Monday-Friday for grades K-5th and 3 days a week for grades 6-8th based on their in-person school schedules. 

Camp REC is designated for self-directed E-Learning and recreational activities including indoor/outdoor games, sports and arts/crafts. Camp REC leaders coordinate the day’s activities around E-Learning schedules and their in-person schooling with the coordination of busing to and from pod/school for school district 34 students.

Aftercare services extending care until 6 p.m. are an optional addition for all participants in the program. Please be reassured that if Glenview School District 34 decides to implement Adaptive Pause, all currently enrolled Camp REC child will be able to attend Camp Rec during the full program hours to continue their education uninterrupted.  The quality staff and facilities are ready to support distance learning with our continued safety procedures.  There will be no additional fee to this change as we are here to continue the partnership with your family’s needs as we navigate these difficult times.

How to Register for Aftercare Services
Upon enrolling in the grade level section, all participants will be asked a series of questions pertaining to the campers schooling.  This information must be filled out to place campers in correct pod locations for busing.  If a family would like to sign up for the Camp REC Extended Care option, they would need to click the “Extended care deposit” AND “Do you want to participate in extended care for an additional $108.50/week” description in the “Fees” box.

For K-5th grade pods, which are organized by school, please register for 1060032-W.

For 6-8th grade pods, which are organized by school, please register for 1060032-X.

Camp REC Winter Break Option

Camp REC will be holding a Winter Break Option for enrolled participants!  More information coming soon!


Camp REC Inclusion Services

The Glenview Park District has worked with the Northern Suburban Special Recreation Association (NSSRA) for 50 years to provide inclusion services for our recreation programming. We are committed to building a community that fosters diversity and inclusion. Our Camp REC program is no different from our other programming in that we will provide supports to ensure successful and safe participation for the recreation portion of Camp REC.

  • To learn more about inclusion services offered by NSSRA, click here.
  • To request inclusion modifications, please email joe.pollina@glenviewparks.org
  • For information on your school district’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) services, we encourage you to contact your school district directly.

Camp REC Leaders

We understand the need for highly qualified individuals who can lead our Camp REC pods. The park district will work with experienced program educators we currently have on staff. In order to provide additional staffing support, we are thrilled to be working with Wesley Child Care. With Wesley’s experience as child care providers, the park district will be able to expand our program and offer it to more families throughout the district. 

Financial Assistance

The park district believes in making programs available for all children in Glenview. If you are in need of financial assistance in order to participate, scholarship assistance is available. Assistance will be granted to families who qualify based upon need. Scholarships cover between 25% and 75% of the total fee, dependent on financial need. For questions, please submit your child’s name, grade level and school to registration@glenviewparks.org or 847-724-5670.

Deposit and Payment Details

COVID-19 Safety Requirements