Park Board FAQ

Address: 1930 Prairie St.
Glenview, IL 60025
Phone: 847-657-3215

Public Dialogue Opportunities and Procedures:

How can the public find out what is going on at the Park District?

The Glenview Park District maintains a website at that provides background on the district, current programs and meeting agendas. A file of background material for the meetings is available at the park district Administrative Office, 1930 Prairie St. and at the Glenview Public Library, 1930 Glenview Rd. The Glenview Park District Brochure, a catalog of upcoming seasonal program offerings, is mailed to all residents of the district four times a year in February, May, July, and November and other information of public interest is covered in special flyers from time to time. An e-newsletter, with information on upcoming park district events and programs, is also distributed to subscribers twice a month. Click here if you would like to join our e-mail list to receive this informative update. The Glenview Village Newsletter at times announces special and/or joint efforts. The park board conducts public hearings from time to time to discuss specific topics such as playground renovations. There are also Bulletin Boards at each park district facility to alert the public to upcoming events.

How can the public express opinions or share facts with the Board of Commissioners and staff?

The public can write the park district at 1930 Prairie St. or send an e-mail to The public is also invited to attend the monthly Glenview Park District public meeting at 7 p.m. on the dates shown here. All meetings are currently virtual, and public comment can be submitted in advance of the meeting via an online form. Each meeting agenda will be posted 48 hours in advance of the meeting with the link to submit public comment. Anyone interested in making comments at a regular in-person park board or park board committee meeting should indicate this by signing a comment card and indicating that you would like to speak or have your comment read.

Agenda items are introduced by the Park District Committee Chair with background information presented by the committee members and staff. Committee reports on action are considered a seconded motion. Any items for which there are public comment cards will be addressed and the public called on following Commissioner discussion. Once all public comments have been addressed, the discussion will return to the Commissioner level for any additional discussion, motion adjustment and formal action.

How can the public stay informed about the Board of Commissioners’ actions?

As open public meetings, there is press coverage of the monthly business meetings. A “Meeting Highlights” summary report of actions taken is produced as soon as possible following each meeting. It can be found online, in the file at the park district office and at the Library. An archive of meeting agendas, highlights and minutes are also available on this website by clicking on the Park Board Meetings link.  Park Board meetings are audio or video recorded and made available to the public by request, as provided by law.