Comprehensive Master Plan

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In November 2016, the Glenview Park District began work on a comprehensive master plan to establish a framework for future decision making.  At the January 2018 Board Meeting, the Glenview Park District Board of Commissioners unanimously voted to approve the completed report, Charting Our Future: A 10-Year Plan for the Glenview Park District. Click here to see the full plan. 

Creating a 10-year Master Plan

Together, we’ve charted our future!

This 10-year plan has been an entire year in the making, and is the roadmap to the Glenview Park District’s responsible and continual improvement of our parks and recreation system and services. We listened carefully, and are thrilled by how the community helped shape this vision, including its purpose-driven plan for implementation.

The Glenview Park District’s last comprehensive master plan was developed in 1982, and planned for the successful parks and recreation system we enjoy
today. This new 2018-2028 plan reveals that our community is evolving, our needs are changing, our infrastructure is aging, and recreation trends are
shifting. Residents also want the Park District to care for our prized park system, meet today’s recreation demands, and remain relevant into the future.

We believe Charting our Future accurately responds to the Glenview Park District’s current context, and future position in the community. Even better, this plan is a living-document that will be updated regularly to achieve the targeted-objectives in a fiscally responsible manner, and the Action Plan defines how we’ll do it.

The implementation of the plan will follow our Park District’s Mission, Vision, and Guiding Principles including the incorporation of sustainable practices for both our operations and park and facility improvements. Sustainable practices such as the use of recyclable materials, energy efficient building systems, stormwater treatment, and native plantings will be at the forefront of capital developmentand replacement project planning when appropriate.

As the strategies and Action Plan unfold, the objectives will advance until the plan is accomplished. If funding becomes more challenging than anticipated, the timing of the objectives may shift, as we are committed to the sustainable future that you, and our plan, prescribes.

As our leadership team delivers key-improvements to our community, please provide ongoing feedback, which we will incorporate as the plan advances.

We’re excited for our collective future, and remain steadfast in our commitment to high-quality parks and recreation. We appreciate your partnership and are grateful for the trust you’ve placed in us, the Glenview Park District.

Thanks for your help, and we’ll see you at the park.

Robert Patton
Park Board President, 2017-2018
Glenview Park District