A Different Kind of Fun on the Ice

Looking for a fun and exciting event for your next party? Try Broomball! Broomball is similar to hockey, played on ice with teams of six on six, but players wear rubber-soled shoes and helmets and use “brooms” and a ball instead of sticks and a puck. It is a great post-Homecoming, post-Turnabout Dance or post-Prom activity. Whether you are young or old, broomball will sweep you away.

Broomball games are played on our Studio rink. Fees include cost of rink rental ($130-$160 per hour) plus rental of broomball equipment ($25). Schedule your broomball party by calling 847-724-2800.

Co-Rec Broomball Leagues

Looking for an activity to do with your spouse, friends or co-workers? Join the Glenview Ice Center’s Co-Rec Broomball League. Games are played on Sunday evenings from October through February. Sign up for this league takes place in early fall. New teams and individuals are welcome. For more information, call Jim Weides at 224-521-2037.