Outdoor Tennis and Pickleball Courts

Click to view a listing of the 2019 summer outdoor courts reserved, by park.

The Glenview Park District has 43 outdoor courts located at the following parks:

  • Cole Park, 1031 Kenilworth Lane – 4 courts
  • Crowley Park, 749 Huber Lane – 2 courts
  • Cunliff Park, 540 Echo Lane – 4 courts
  • Diederich Park, 1 Briar Lane, Golf – 2 courts
  • Flick Park, 3600 Glenview Road – 4 courts
  • Gallery Park, 2599 W. Lake Ave. – 5 courts
  • Hawthorne Glen Park, 3181 Myrtle Parkway – 2 courts
  • Indian Ridge Park, 2504 Indian Ridge Drive – 2 courts
  • Indian Trail Park, 1519 Forest Drive – 2 courts
  • Johns Park, 2101 Central Road – 5 courts (lighted)
  • Roosevelt Park, 2200 Grove Street – 3 courts
  • Rugen Park, 2941 Harrison Street – 3 courts
  • Thomas J. Richardson Park, 1950 Westleigh Drive – 2 courts
  • Willow Park, 2600 Greenwood Road – 3 courts

Outdoor courts are maintained by the Glenview Park District for the enjoyment of our village residents. Recognized organizations, park district lessons and men’s and women’s competitive teams are scheduled on these courts throughout the spring, summer, and fall. A sign box located by each main court entrance details all specific usage. To see where these parks are located, click here.

Pickleball Court Available at Flick Park and Crowley Park

The Glenview Park District has a court striped for Pickleball, a game played with a 3-inch wiffle-type ball on an asphalt court the size of a badminton court using wooden rackets that resemble ping pong paddles. The park district’s Pickleball courts are located on the southeast tennis court at Flick Park, 3600 Glenview Rd., Crowley Park, 749 Huber Ln., Rugen Park, 2941 Harrison St., and Thomas J. Richardson Park, 1950 Westleigh Dr. The sport was developed in Washington State in 1965. For more information on Pickleball and its rules, click here.