Early Childhood Programs

The Glenview Park District’s SOON 2B3 and Enrichment programs offer many opportunities for fun, learning and socialization for toddlers through pre-K.

Enrichment programs focus on extra learning opportunities for 3 and 4 year olds. Choose a class or classes focusing on rhyming, math, words, science, storytelling or the alphabet.  There’s something for everyone!

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Soon 2B3 Year Olds

This program will build a foundation for your child in social/emotional growth and development fine and gross motor skills. The caregiver is invited to stay the first day of class, after which, the child will stay independently in the class.  If needed, caregiver can stay up to 4 classes (2 weeks) for transition.  Child should be in the process of becoming toilet-trained. Child/Teacher Ratio is 7:1.

1030031-A T/Th 1.5  9/8/20-5/27/21 $1,728/$2,160

No Class Dates: 11/3, 11/26, 12/22, 12/24, 12/29, 12/31, 3/23, 3/25