Indoor Track

IMG_6381Enjoy a walk or run on Park Center’s one-eighth mile indoor walking/running track. Our track is free for use by both residents and nonresidents.

For your comfort and safety and the comfort and safety of others, here are the indoor track “Rules of the Road”

  1. Track users under the age of 11 must be directly supervised by an adult.
  2. Obey the posted lane directional guidelines.
  3. Use the proper lanes designated for Running, Jogging, or Walking.
  4. Change lanes with caution.
  5. No more than two people side-by-side in a lane.
  6. No beverages except water allowed on track.
  7. IMG_6371Street shoes and bare feet are not allowed on track.
  8. Wear appropriate athletic clothing.
  9. Please refrain from wearing cologne or perfume while using the track.
  10. No organized groups and/or teams allowed on track.
  11. No spectators allowed on track.
  12. Absolutely no spitting on track.
  13. No in-line skates, skateboards or strollers allowed on track.
  14. Put your towel in the stretching area. Do not hang towels on rails or lay them on the rack.

Thank you for your cooperation!