Birthday Parties

Due to Covid-19, there are no indoor birthday parties allowed at this time.

Virtual Birthday Parties

Celebrate your child’s special day with a virtual party! Invite your friends and family to join us online for special activities and memorable birthday fun!

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Birthday Parties at The Grove

For a Truly Different Celebration

Have your children ever wondered what it would be like to be a pioneer, a Native American Indian or a naturalist? Now they can find out for themselves at one of our very special birthday celebrations at The Grove. All parties are two hours long. Programs will be led by trained staff with approximately 45 minutes allowed for the opening of gifts and treats. 

Where: The Grove Interpretive Center, 1421 Milwaukee Ave.
Boys and girls, ages 4-12 yrs.
For more information, including fees and availability, please call the Program Coordinator at 224-521-2114.

Letterboxing 101

Ages: 6-12 years

Combine hiking and treasure hunting to find The Grove’s hidden letterboxes. Be ready for outdoor fun on the trails, following the clues to the hidden boxes and stamping your journals. Each participant takes home a journal and the know-how to do letterboxing with their families.


Wildlife Adventure

Ages: 4-10 years

Have a party that’s truly different from all others by including a snake or turtle as one of your guests. Party activities include hands-on experiences with animals and artifacts, an animal talk and a trail walk.

Discovering Dinosaurs

Ages: 4-10 years

Travel back in time to meet some dinosaurs. What makes a dinosaur a dinosaur and how do we know about them? Find out how huge these animals really were. Return to the present and see their modern relatives. Children get a close-up look at live turtles, snakes and birds.


Stamp It Up

Ages: 5-10 years

Rubber stamping is fun and creative for everyone! Children will make three projects to take home using rubber stamps and markers. They can also use special stamps, markers and washable ink to tattoo themselves or a friend.

Tea Party for You

Ages: 6-12 years

Every little girl likes to play Tea Party and now she can celebrate her birthday by having one with her friends. Girls can dress up in party clothes and we’ll provide the fancy hats, decorations and dishes. Games, stories and activities have a tea party theme. (Available February-October)


“Buggy” Birthday

Ages: 4-10 years

Bugs and insects are the stars of this party where partygoers will discover these creepy crawlers in their natural habitats. Use what you learn to design your own insect. Games and a trail walk are included. (Available April-September)

Native American Party

Ages: 4-12 years

Invite your friends to attend your birthday party at The Grove’s Native American Longhouse. You and your guests will experience the culture of local tribes that once lived in the area through dance, games, tools and artifacts.


Log Cabin Party

Ages: 4-10 years

Come to our little cabin to experience the life of a pioneer. Step back in time when chores and daily tasks were done by hand. Find out how pioneers entertained themselves and guests with wooden toys and games.