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Grove Group Programs

Take a look at what a field trip to The Grove can offer your group

A Unique Experience for Scouts, Church, Seniors & Other Groups

Grove Group Programs

Come to The Grove for a fun, unique, educational experience for your group. Scouts, church groups, seniors, camp groups, no matter what type of group you have, there is something at The Grove for you to enjoy.

Listed below are some of the programs you can schedule for your group to come and enjoy The Grove. We are also happy to work with you to accommodate special requests or assist in meeting scout badge requirements.


  • Sleepovers: Did you ever wonder what happens at The Grove after dark? Come to stay the night in the Interpretive Center and find out! A night hike, stories around a campfire, popcorn and snacks fill your evening and we supply breakfast in the morning. Bring your sleeping bag and pillow!
  • Birthday2014-1Tales and Trails: If the smell of a campfire and a night hike appeal to your senses, you will enjoy this 1.5 or 2 hour program. You can toast marshmallows and snack on freshly popped popcorn while telling or listening to stories.
  • To Catch a Dream: American Indians made Dream Catchers to allow good dreams to pass through the talisman to reach the children while the bad dreams get caught in the web, never to bother the sleepers. You can learn about American Indian lore, customs, and will take home a Dream Catcher. A campfire and refreshments are included.
  • One Hour Nature Program: Designed for Scout groups, this program includes a tour of the Interpretive Center and trails is lead by a Grove staff member who will greet your group and guide them through our exhibits and trails. Snakes, turtles and other animals will be shown and discussed. 


To view a brochure with detailed information on programs for Boy and Girl Scouts at The Grove and Air Station Prairie, click here.

           For detailed information, prices and availability for of all our programs, please call The Grove at 847-299-6096.